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Protection Orders


What types of orders are there?


Download the full Comparison of Civil Safety Orders for Washington State or see the different types of orders below.


How do I get an order?


An advocate is available to help you through the process. There is no charge to seeking an order for protection.

The process for getting an order is the same no matter what order you are seeking.

You will need to go to the county clerk’s office to complete paperwork explaining the specific of the assault.  You have to know the address of the assailant so they can be served with the appropriate paperwork.  It is helpful if you have prepared a chronological outline of the events beforehand because you need to include that in the paperwork.

Once you have completed the paperwork you will be seen by a judge.  When you will be seen is dependent on the court schedule.  The judge will review your paperwork and ask you questions about the assault.  The judge will make a determination about if the temporary order should be granted at that time.

If the temporary order is granted, it is in effect for 14 days OR until the full order hearing, whichever is first.

You will need to be present at the full order hearing.  The offender has the right to be present as well.  The judge will ask both parties questions regarding the order and the event.  The judge will decide if a full order should be granted at that time.  If granted, the order is good for one year.

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